Remote infrastructure

 Remote Infrastructure Management

Small and medium enterprises are estimated to lose $2 billion annually as a result of system and infrastructure outages

Enterprises today are faced with the challenges of managing multi-platform and multi-vendor solutions on a 24x7 basis to support their mission-critical requirements. To do this, they need to deploy and operate a Multitude of enterprise-grade monitoring and management tools and utilities, and maintain a 24x7 NOC environment with trained, qualified professionals to effectively ensure maximum uptime and performance.

Adept ISM’s team runs 24x7 in providing full support for you IT infrastructure remotely. We support your datacenters, servers, network devices and workstations.

At Adept ISM we manage you IT infrastructure from our NOC there by helping you to improve you service levels, and save money.

Benefits of outsourcing IT infrastructure management

  By outsourcing, you reduce the cost of managing the infrastructure, while you are setting it up, as well as when you need to scale up. You can save up to 40-60 percent on the operations and management of IT infrastructure if you outsource these.

  Attrition costs are very high in IT infrastructure management because of lack of career growth for employees in small and mid size enterprises. Replacement involves recruitment and training costs that are passed on to the outsourcing provider.

  The cost of upgrading employee skills does not need to be incurred by one company, since the Remote Infrastructure Management vendor handles several clients who would all benefit from the updated skills of the employees of that centre.

With Adept ISM, it’s not just the savings in money, but you also get


  Best practices




  Specialists on tap 24x7

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