Physical Security

 Physical Security

All of us are concerned about physical and environmental security. We may not always do a formal risk assessment exercise, but intuitively, we try to ensure that we are secure. BS 7799/ISO 27001 is very explicit about the requirements of this domain, which is applicable to the business premises and business information processing facilities. Design, implementation and monitoring of many controls for this domain will have to be jointly done with the physical security department.Security can be best achieved by ensuring multiple layers of security and not depending on a single measure. This principle is very evident here. The controls for physical and environmental security are defined in three areas:

 Security of the premise

 Security of the equipment

 Secure behavior


Adept ISM specializes in the Forensic Analysis of all types of digital assets and media (Computer Forensics) for corporate clients, law firms and government agencies.  Adept ISM has also pioneered many Electronic Document Discovery techniques for law firms utilizing the principals of computer forensics and maintaining strict forensic soundness avoiding spoliation issues. Adept ISM also helps clients comply with the ever-changing security regulations by contracting Incident Response.

In addition to preventing future attacks, Adept ISM can conduct forensic analysis to evaluate past security breaches. This analysis examines log reports, compares backups to identify modifications to the network, and investigates the introduction of foreign software tools to help identify intruders, determine the extent to which the network has been compromised, and mitigate potential damages from the intrusion.

All of our examiners are Certified Computer Forensic Specialists and have years of experience in the field. Our Computer Forensic Systems Analysts have designed plans and computer forensic tools to extract and correlate data from some of the largest and most complex systems in the world and our experience and ability to handle the newest technologies to legacy systems is unchallenged.

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