Identity management

Antivirus and Threat Management

antivirus and threat management

 Identity management

As your enterprise embraces e-business, your identity management needs become more and more pressing. You feel the need to have a single view of the customer across channels, so you can deliver targeted and personalized products and services. Your e-business customers must be managed, enabling self-care, thus reducing the load on your customer service. Also, you need to be able to derive business intelligence from a holistic view of different identities.In today’s networked world, the number of internal and external users — employees, customers, suppliers, and trading partners — needing access to your enterprise systems and applications continues to grow. How do you ensure that confidential information and business-critical IT assets are not exposed unnecessarily?

Adept ISM delivers a broad range of services as key components of complete identity management solutions designed to:

Identify every user, application, and device across organizations

Provide flexible authentication, access control, and auditing capabilities — while respecting information privacy and confidentiality and adhering to regulatory mandates

Bring advanced management capabilities to both small and large organizations via easy-to-use tools designed to cope with dynamic user populations and business change

Antivirus and Threat Management

Threats to information systems are not limited to deliberate attacks. With the spread of worms and viruses through peer-to-peer file sharing and instant messaging, and insecure email, organizations must implement defenses that are capable of stopping inadvertent misconduct as well as obvious attacks.

The workhorse of the content security arena is the venerable antivirus application. While many administrators view AV as a turn-key solution, there are many more details to be considered when choosing and deploying an antivirus product. Is centralized management, logging and reporting important to your organization? Will all of the email clients in use integrate with a particular AV solution? What is the process for scanning systems that have been off of the network, for instance mobile laptops and PDAs? Adept ISM's security engineers are prepared to assist your organization in answering these questions and in architecting the best-fit antivirus solution for your business.

Adept ISM’s Threat Management solutions help prevent Spyware, viruses, worms, spam and malicious content from infiltrating and infecting your network, email and business applications. They empower your security personnel to identify a threat to or weakness in your infrastructure, and help you take immediate actions — preventing incidents before they negatively impact your assets. Adept ISM’s Threat Management solutions also confront content security challenges by keeping corporate content confidential and holding malicious content at bay.

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