Vulnerably Assessment

 Vulnerability Assessment

Scanning for security vulnerabilities is like checking the doors before you go to sleep for the night -- a "must-do" that only eliminates the most obvious security threats.

New vulnerabilities are discovered every single day. It's a full time job keeping up with security alerts and patch notifications. Our security experts are up on the latest information. Let us share our expertise with you and be an extension to your existing staff.

We discover compromise points as well as measure security policies across your organization. We provide risk mitigation and remediation advice. We create security baseline reports for users, groups, shares, services, critical system files, database configuration, and 802.11b networks. We follow up with trend analysis reports by scheduling regular assessments.

Adept ISM’s Vulnerability Assessment service provides you with a vulnerability management lifecycle. Using the service, you can conduct on-demand or scheduled scans of your environment to identify vulnerabilities. Our Platform then correlates the results with asset criticality to present you with a prioritized list of vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Analysis includes all internal network devices:

 Production and Web Servers

 Desktops and Workstations





Benefits of vulnerabilities assessments:

 Baseline of current security conditions

 Remediation road map

 Risk management reports

 Trend analysis


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